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Name: Ana / anatari

About: I dropped out of medical school and now I pick up dog poop for a living. No, really, this is what I tell people. My family isn't too happy about it, but man do I love puppies. Puppies FOREVER. I do 70 hour weeks walking, sitting, and training dogs. I'm in school for the latter now, specializing in rehabilitation and behavior correction. What I really want to do is work with rescues and abuse cases, helping them readjust to the world and just be dogs again. Nothing makes me happier than tail wags and puppy kisses.

I live and work in New York City, and I know ALL the best food. I love to feed people, and take every opportunity to cook and bake delicious (often experimental) things. I also enjoy long drives, picnics in Central Park, naps with puppies, cuddles with friends, horror movies, shoes, knitting, and yoga. I am a stupid American and can only speak English, which I butcher at the best of times. I only wear pants because society insists on it.

I like to pretend I'm fictional characters on the internet.

P.S. Ask me for pictures of my dogs.

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Moving to Dreamwidth!

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This journal will still be here but will no longer be updated. I will still check my flist and use this account to comment.
hey. hey guys. click this.

it is an australian commercial for gay marriage. absolutely beautiful.

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knitting commissions


✂ Commission terms:

Pretty much without exception, this is first come, first serve.

At the moment I am only asking that people pay for their yarn and the shipping. (Unless you love me lots?) Thereby, prices may vary dramatically depending on location and yarn choice. When you pick your yarn, take measurements, and describe your pattern, i will do math to see how much yarn i will need. Extra charge for fabric or fleece lining.

It takes me about 5-6 days to finish a complex pair, so a queue will build... I'll keep it updated with progress. Simpler gloves will bump the queue along faster.

You will receive pictures before I send the product, in case you'd like any changes made.

Sorry: fingerless gloves/armwarmers only. If it's bitter cold out and you still want to wear these, I recommend buying a cheap pair of flat-knit gloves to put on underneath and cover your fingers. It's what I did last winter, and it was very warm.

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Dear god I've abandoned LJ. But I guess that's okay, since it's being a dick to me anyway and I am sort of shunning it. DOES ANYONE HERE REMEMBER THE LAST TIME LJ WORKED PROPERLY? I sure as hell don't. Definitely not yet in 2011. Anyway. Add me on plurk.

It's just another reason why games on Dreamwidth like Compound Five are awesome and you should join.

Derp derp. :3

Let's see. Work is slow-ish, several clients are on vacation. I'm making up for it money-wise with near constant overnights, but meh. I'm used to overnights being EXTRA money, not the majority of my income. It should get better next week since Tucker and Gidget and Tallulah are all coming back at once. I'm currently at Max's, before that I was at Hugo's (bulldog who liked to sit on my head), before that was Cleo.

School is really giving it to me up the ass. PAPERS ARE HARD man I don't remember writing papers the last time I did was before med school THIS IS NUTTY how can I does school, guys?!?! HOW DO?! I'm just doing lots of yoga to destress.

Had an awesome weekend this one past, with tazeredtiger. Food and exploration and just hanging out watching geeky things. This upcoming weekend is MEATOPIA and I am super duper excited. I am going to meat myself until I roll. Get it? Eat. Meat. See what I did there? I crack me up.

I've been home like six days in the past two months and things at home are... eh. Grandpa is going downhill and refuses to listen to anyone and I can't really be around to beg him to do things. It's a huge weight, anyway. Mom is super needy when I am home and it drives me nuts, which is a bad combination! Trying to deal! I miss driving, man. I really miss driving. She's killing the car, though, big surprise. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD AN OIL CHANGE AUGH.

Still cutting my own hair. It's still turning out adorable! People are still not believing I did it myself. I will continue doing this for the forseeable future, possibly just to go "I do it myself!" and see the looks of horror and then admiration. It's fun.

Girlfriend is visiting in about a month. I'm sure I will wind up imagining a little one bedroom in Greenwich, surrounded by puppies and video games and food. She will meet some of my doggies and I will feed her lots and it will be wonderful, alright? HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE?! You are not to do sucky things!

Speaking of puppies (when am I not?), Bella has a sister. Well it's her, niece, technically, but whatever. A sibling from her mom's first litter had puppies and Maire and Paul got another one. Her name is Angel and she has the most precious little mask-face. I haven't met her yet but Carly sent me pictures. (Accidental vampire themed names?) Kelly is also adopting another seeeeeeriously bad-off rehab case named Coco. Her faith in me is flattering but possibly misplaced, I've never dealt with leash aggression. The other issues I think I can handle, though! We'll see. She's a chocolate cocker, should be gorgeous against Maisy's blonde.

Uhm uhm. I THINK THAT'S IT? Drinking too much tea, eating lots of fruit, super excited about my game, pissed off at LJ's inability to post comments for more than three at a time. I CAN'T MAKE CFUD ACTIVITY AT ALL, GUYS. IT JUST WON'T LET ME and I'm really pissed off because I have ~plans~ for things.

/plays in Compound Five foreverrrrrrrrr.

Okay, laundry.

Jun. 20th, 2011

NYC residents: does anyone want an <font size="5'>UNLIMITED METROCARD</font> with approximately two weeks left on it? It stopped working and I'm going to mail it in for a replacement but the card will be active immediately so... that doesn't help me at all! I'll just have two unlimiteds since I need one for work NOW. So if anyone could make use of the replacement they send me, it's yours. Otherwise what a waste of like. $50 value left on it. Screw you, mta. Drop a comment or text me.
Oh right I HAVE AN LJ.

I have only talked about this on plurk, but there is a thing that is happening! I'm finally going to start up that survival horror RP that's been kicking around in my head for ages. The minigames were successful enough to be encouraging, and I definitely want to develop a whole story now.

Compound Five @ Dreamwidth

The characters apped so far make a really hilarious group! The list isn't up yet because people still have to make journals. But I am excited! There are a few OOC details to bang out but not until the game has actual players. Go look~

(And if anyone knows why dreamwidth hates my table coding... I can't figure it out.)


cookie recipe~~~

Well, sort of!

This is less a recipe and more like "I made this up and then wound up adjusting stuff without measuring HAHA uhm here's the stuff I put in it and some estimated amounts."

What did I make up, you ask? Bacon-Maple Pancake Cookies.

IT ALL BEGAN LAST WEEK when synergic posted that hitode had brought home these cookies, and they were disgusting and fake-tasting. I was super disappointed because in theory that should have been a very delicious cookie! But it was not. And I went, "...I bet I could do it and it would be delicious..."

My experiment was a huge success. I split the batch into two, and experimented lots on the first half so that I could find the optimum cookie assembly procedure. I then forced everyone I came across the next day to taste test, and made the second half of the batch with what was deemed the best method. The cookies are lightly crisp on the outside but chewy overall, and taste first of sweet maple, then of maple and bacon, then of savory bacon and pancake. They've been ranked an average of 4/10 on the pancake-y scale. All of the cookies are gone due to getting eager puppy eyes for more, from everyone who tried them.

So. IF YOU'RE CURIOUS, but keep in mind that I adjusted things and eyeballed like crazy, to make it both pancake-y and cookie-y. Here's the closest I can offer to a recipe:

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Is anyone free on Sunday? I only have Chestnut and Bella, and would very much like people to meet her... I'd like to have a little picnic, so we're probably going to have to resort to Central Park as that's the only place I know that will let a dog on the grass.

She is the most precious, guys.


Pleeeeeeeeease? I can bring cute little sandwiches and maybe cookies?

Also I am totally rocking at puppy school. Over 90% on all my exams, my instructor has seemed crazy impressed. Still waiting for my first paper back. /hi5

Switching careers?!

Going back to school?!

I am never going to get this loan.



So many essays.
Horchata as I have been attempting to make it, is the Mexican version of a dairy-free milky beverage made with rice and cinnamon. It is sometimes available in SoCal in the not!milk section of the organic markets. It is delicious! And it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND here. A lot of restaurants and even some street trucks serve it, but the premade horchata in the store..? NONEXISTENT. I was a very sad panda. So I started looking for recipes~~~ on the internet~~~ to see if I could just make it myself.

This recipe tasted... good! But the consistency was weeeeeird and overall the spices were weak and it wasn't as sweet as I'm used to. And on principle I was annoyed that she added milk!!! This recipe sounded SUPER WEIRD but the timing and straining seemed... more accurate. Then there were ones like this that seemed to swear on blending water with rice and.....I dunno, man. I dunno. That's not how I'd get it smooth and it would still be really thin and you don't want to cook it, that's not how rice milk... works........

SO. BECAUSE I CONSIDER MYSELF A KITCHEN GODDESS or something like that I DECIDED TO JUST FUCK AROUND. It took three attempts, but last night's batch was definitely Deliciousness. Creamy and sweet and cinnamony and smooth and TRY IT.

Disclaimer: I am not Mexican. This is not authentic.

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Nom nom?


I really wish I could DO SOMETHING with my writing.

Because there's a ridiculous amount of it. Notebooks upon notebooks, and I just bought another one yesterday... volume is not my problem, it's just that the quality is questionable. Is this even worth reading? I write to get the words out of my head, but I don't know if it's actually writing, or just rambling on a page. Sometimes it's short contained stories. Sometimes it's pieces that feel like they could be a part of something. Sometimes it's just my words, in bits and drabs that could fit into a post if I thought anyone would be interested. But my life is not that interesting.

There's just so much, and I feel like if I sat and put it together, or was able to focus on a project of some kind, that it would be worth something.

I wonder if the need to write makes you a writer, or just makes you someone who can't say things out loud. An actual need, one that drags me out of bed, one that makes me take the free am paper because I need something to scribble on, even just in the margins, one that results in a few dozen "notes" in my cell phone so that I don't forget and can tell the words in my head to stop driving me insane. And I know I have stories to tell. The question is who will listen, besides my notebook?

I'm seriously considering taking a writing course with Gotham Workshops, if only to make my work somewhat presentable. But money aside, I flunked English several times in high school and barely scraped through in college... I know my grammar is atrocious, and my understanding of basic conventions is both weak and subject to terrible abuse in my hands.

NO ONE WOULD READ THIS STUFF. What do I do with it all?

This is a ridiculous thing to be angsting about. GUYS SOME OF YOU ARE REALLY SUCCESSFUL what do I... do........ does anyone else have this much writing just lying about in their heads, or stacks of books, or folders of random files like I do? Is this talent going to waste or is it just words? People tell me I'm a good writer, but my transcripts say I'm pathetic.

Still, the prospect of filling this new notebook and then just letting it sit on my bedroom floor is strangely depressing.

/flaps arms helplessly



I have foot warmers.

Also I got a DROID and practically free after rebate. Yay four-yeah upgrade. Talk to me, I will be in transit a lot.

Also if anyone has an Android phone and knows of apps! I would like apps now that I can have them. 8Db

the OTHER voice meme!

My voice doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would, for how my throat feels. Yay! I say uhm a lot, though. Sorry about that.

When she gets home I'm going to try and get my mom to do this one because the words they list are better for showing regional variation. Linguistics geek GO man I loved that course. I should dig out my books. Or something. Anyway!

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I'm in a really strange, kind of mopey mood, fed by disappointment that my body didn't let me sleep in today -- I guess I should go clean and do laundry and be a responsible human being.

...or I could make pie.

Madonna of the Mills

"For god's sake, whatever you do, please don't buy puppies from pet stores."
- Andrew, from Madonna of the Mills

When I was sent to meet Maisy my boss actually said, "I'm sending my puppy whisperer." Kelly, Maisy's owner and savior, wanted to meet me and see how I handled her beautiful, gentle, damaged dog.

I cannot believe she entrusted me with this, or that Alan thought it was a case I could succeed with.

For background, my agency is a one-on-one walking and sitting service, offering training where necessary. Most of our clients came to us because they have dogs that won't do well walking in the packs that most walking services do. They're aggressive to other dogs, they're skittish, they were rescues or abuse cases and need more attention than your average pet, etc etc.

Maybe it was Cappy's history that made Alan think I could handle "problem" dogs off the bat. I started with Max, a greyhound rescue who has attacked and killed other dogs in the past, has severe arthritis, and is skittish in general. The client must have been pleased... soon I got Elvis, and Tucker, and Bailey, and Benny, and more. I'm now requested by name by non-regular clients I've worked with when they need petcare services.

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Please, please, please, I'm personally begging all of you. Do not buy your dogs from pet stores. Shelter dogs not only need your help, but are healthier and well cared for. They receive medical treatment, clean facilities, clean food and water. If you or someone you know does want to buy a puppy, go/encourage them to go to a reputable breeder. I can help you.

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Having now worked with three rescues and five shelter dogs with histories of mistreatment, I can assure you that they can be wonderful pets. Often with minimal effort -- certainly not more than a "normal" puppy, in most cases.

Please consider this, love your fuzzy companions, and save the abandoned ones when you're looking for a pet.

.......thanks, if you read this. I may lock it because it's so personal, but for now. ♥


I usually fail at these but this year I have no time for anything like baking or shopping or what have you. So I want to do something. And hey, I spend an obscene amount of time on the train!

You can request anything you think I'd be able to write.

If you requested last time, most of those are actually written! I just need to type them up. So you'll get them as a holiday thing, sorry guys, I sort of totally forgot that notebook even existed.




Too braindead for srs post or srs rl bizniz. So. Meme. And then I nap.

I have a little girl voice... which does not make sense to me because I sing alto II or even tenor sometimes and my voice is so low in pitch that people tend not to hear me in crowded rooms or on the street. Somehow I still sound like a little girl... and I kind of failed at the favorites section. Here you go anyway.

☆ Make a voice post with the following things so that your F-list can hear how you pronounce them (and laugh at you, of course):
▊ Your name and/or username
▊ Where you're from
▊ The words "roof", "aunt", "direction", and "naturally"
▊ Your favorite song
▊ Your favorite character
▊ A word in a different language

My accent in French is terrible, I know this. And if anyone really wants to hear me speaking Spanish or Swahili I can do another one but... yeah.

Now I nap.
There is stuff I need to address and reply to but I'm still exhausted and kind of braindead. So have a useless post instead. I will get to it, guys, I promise.

For all those I have mentioned it to and they had no idea what I was talking about: STEVE -- DON'T EAT IT!!! actually does exist and is still on the internets.

I got a plurk last week! I was trying it out before I pimped myself to be added, in case I couldn't get into it and abandoned it forever, but I think I like it! Mine is narcolept. It is the verb form of narcolepsy -- MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I can has an Aussie. We are going to see Tangled tonight. Would anyone like to join us?